Upcoming releases

FLASH-X-001 | Florian Meindl - Colorful Cage EP


Florian Meindl kick starts 2017 with a four-track vinyl only release ‘Colorful Cage’.

Released on his own imprint FLASH Recordings, the title track is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Time Illusion’.


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FLASH-X-002 | Florian Meindl - Time Illusion LP


With Florian's third artist album he has created a special collection of analogue focused tracks which will be released on a double vinyl album and digitally in the Spring 2017.

Amalgamating his array of impressive hardware, he has refined his sound and crafted a selection of tracks that demonstrate intricate knowledge and mastery of his analogue equipment. His aim was to find the right balance between musical depth and sound design while interacting with the hardware.


In anticipation for the LP release in early April, Florian has prepared a unique live set featuring a Modular System, the KORG Minilogue, effect boxes and a 909 drum machine which were used in the creation of the album and which he will be touring throughout 2017. | booking@flash-rec.com


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New releases

FLASH 167 | Jusai - Jar EP (incl. Marco Bruno, Cardao Remixes)



FLASH 173 | Kloves - Oscil EP

FLASH 172 | Florian Meindl - Isometric EP

FLASH 167 | Florian Meindl - Orbital Resonance EP


Selected backstock

FLASH 166 | Avgusto - Letters EP

FLASH 149 | STRISC. - Psycho Melody EP

FLASH 147 | Florian Meindl - Anomaly EP 


FLASH 139 | Florian Meindl - Harmonographic EP

FLASH 134 | Submerge & Ricardo Garduno - Misunderstanding EP

FLASH 133 | STRISC - The Cursed Forest EP

FLASH 132 | Hans Bouffmyhre - Absorbing EP

FLASH 131 | Ryogo Yamamori - Akaoni EP

FLASH 130 | Shekon - One vs. One EP


FLASH 129 | Clement Landrau - Railway EP

FLASH 118 | Heron - They never sleep EP


FLASH 108 | STRISC. - The Suicide Forest EP

FLASH 110 | Annie Hall - Graphic Violence EP

FLASH 105 | Florian Meindl - Routing EP

FLASH 102 | Per Hammar - Convoy EP

FLASH Recordings Nr. 100 is also available in the form of an exclusive 8GB aluminium USB Card! Buy it here.