FLASH Recordings is the underground Techno vision and platform of Florian Meindl. The label is based in Berlin and already heading towards release number 140. The core artists who release regularily on FLASH are Avgusto, STRISC., Electric Rescue, Alexander Kowalski, Heron, Maxime Dangles, The Welderz, Moteka and of course Florian Meindl himself. We could also commit many good remixers like Markus Suckut and Dubspeeka. The format range from Vinyl to Digital and even USB Sticks.

FLASH Recordings Label Night - December 19. at Arena Club Berlin

Florian Meindl - COLLIDE Album Remixes (Vinyl Pre-Order)

Avgusto - Album 1 (Vinyl Promo)

New Releases

FLASH 136 Responder


Responder makes his full debut on FLASH, includes Moteka remix.

FLASH 134 Submerge & Ricardo Garduno


A new Techno heavyweight from Chicago "Submerge" joins the FLASH roaster and teams up with one of the most innovative Mexican underground Techno producers of the new generation "Ricardo Garduno". The outcome is a 3 tracks EP which got played by label owner Florian Meindl in many of his DJ-Mixes around the globe already.